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Classical Meatless Burgers with oyster mushrooms and Hasselback potatoes

Can there be something more classic than burgers? Classic Meatless Burgers! Especially paired with some crunchy and delicious potatoes and oyster mushrooms! A royal type of meal… but you can prepare it yourself with this easy recipe. Plus, Hasselback potatoes (because of their visual site) are a great way to impress someone - a girl, future girlfriend, friends and even in-laws!


- Meatless Classic Burgers

- Few oyster mushrooms

- potatoes

- olive oil

- garlic

- salt & pepper


1. Grill Meatless Classic Burgers for 2 minutes on each side.

2. Wash potatoes carefully - you can use some kitchen brush. Remember, you do not have to peel them.

3. Now that’s the only tricky part - cutting the potatoes. You do not want to cut them all the way, just half way. So to make it easier for you, place some chopsticks or some sticks on each side of the potato. This way you won’t cut it till the end.

4. Mix olive oil with salt, pepper and fine diced garlic in a small bowl

5. Wash oyster mushrooms, dry them with some towel and grill them for about 3 minutes.

6. Sprinkle some olive oil generously on the potatoes. Bake them for about 20 minutes in 200º C in an oven or just cover them with foil and grill for approximately 20 minutes or more.

7. Then assemble on a plate and enjoy!


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