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Cream of baked pappers with Meatless Cheese-flavored Kabanos Sausages

It warms you up on winter evenings and is perfect as a quick and tasty dinner! Cream of baked paprika with Meatless Cheese-flavored Kabanos Sausages is a real hit, which will melt the heart of every tough guy!


- Meatless Cheese-flavored Kabanos Sausages

- 3 peppers

- 2 chili peppers

- 2 slices of wholemeal bread

- 2l of vegetable broth

- 2 cloves of garlic


1. Wash the paprika, clean it from seeds, brush with olive oil and bake in the oven or grill it on a grill pan on high temperature until its skin turns black.

2. Close the baked pepper in a container with a lid and wait about 15 minutes - it will be easier to peel it.

3. Meanwhile, dice the bread and slice the Meatless Kabanos Sausages. Fry them together in a pan with a tablespoon of olive oil.

3. Put the peeled pepper, two cloves of garlic, a piece of chili into the pot and pour the broth.

4. Blend everything together thoroughly, heat up and it's ready!

5. Serve with Meatless Cheese-flavoured Kabanos Sausages and croutons.


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