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Crispy French Fries with our Meatless Chicken Burgers

Some say they are a MUST-HAVE, and we cannot argue with that. Those French Fries are a banger, but the burger that comes with them is even better (if that’s possible!). Feel free to test it and give us your feedback (remember to tag our IG or FB profile @PlentyReasons)


- 1 pkg Meatless Chicken Burgers

- potatoes

- burger buns (we recommend brioche-style)

- vegetables and dressings of your choice


1 Firstly, you must wash and peel the potatoes, then chop them into fairly thick slices. Then boil them in cold water. A pinch of sugar added to potatoes will add flavor.

2 Cook fries for an hour straight and then try to fish them out and dry them with a paper towel. You can add some potato starch on top of them - giving them the crisp.

3 Place the Fries on a parchment paper sheet and sprinkle some oil on top of them. Bake them for an hour in the oven (200º C) until they get some color.

4 Grill Meatless Chicken Burgers on your grill - 3 minutes on each side. Add vegetables and the dressing.



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