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Pita bread with Meatless Currywurst, vegetables and basil-yogurt sauce

Quick, simple and easy - that’s how we describe this recipe. It perfectly fits the need for a lunch-snack or even can be a part of the grilling party menu. Nevertheless, we can guarantee that once you try it you will always crave it!


- Meatless Currywurst Sausages

- 1 pita bread

- fresh vegetables of your choice (cucumber, bell-pepper, radish)

- fresh basil

- plant-based yogurt of your choice

- plant-based mayonnaise of your choice


1. Grill Currywurst Sausages for a couple of minutes (3-4 max). Remember to turn them!

2. Place the pita bread in a heated oven (180º C) and let it sit for a few minutes there (until it turns a bit golden color).

3. Prepare the sauce: add 2 tbsp of mayonnaise to a bowl, and then mix it with 2 tbsp of yogurt, a pinch of salt and pepper, a bit of lemon juice and fresh basil.

4. Slice grilled Currywurst Sausages.

5. Assemble time: add all of the Currywurst Sausages and vegetables to the pit bread and sprinkle the sauce on top. Ready to eat!


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