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Salad with Meatless Shawarma, pomergranate and feta cheese

What if… prepare something totally different? Serve your guests a salad with Meatless Shawarma, pomegranate and feta cheese at the summer barbecue and make them come back for more... regularly!


- Meatless Shawarma

- spinach and arugula

- cherry tomatoes

- green cucumber

- red onion

- half a pomegranate

- plant-based feta cheese

- yellow pepper

for the sauce:

- the juice of half a lemon

- 4 tbsp hot mustard mustard

- ⅓ a bunch of parsley, chopped

- salt, pepper, garlic to taste

- 8 tablespoons of water

- 3 tablespoons of olive oil


1. Fry the Meatless Shawarma with a little oil in a pan.

2. Wash the lettuces thoroughly and tear into smaller pieces.

3. Cut the remaining ingredients into similar-sized pieces and peel the pomegranate.

4. Prepare the sauce: combine all ingredients except the olive oil, add the olive oil gradually at the end, stirring constantly - it will make the sauce velvety.


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